Dog Dermatitis

Flea-allergic dermatitis

The most common flea related problem we see in practice is skin allergies triggered by fleas on your pet. Some dogs are extremely sensitive to flea saliva, resulting in continuous pruritis (itching) following even a single fleabite, with resultant skin diseases. In our area the problem is exacerbated by atopic allergies and pruritis especially in dogs, due to airborne allergens. This condition (that can be compared to hay fever in humans) makes our dogs even more allergic to fleas.

Effective flea control throughout the year is the only way to deal with this problem. The biggest challenge in flea control is to do it uninterruptedly to prevent flea numbers increasing in our dogs’ immediate environment. Fortunately there has been great progress made of late in effective flea control. Come and visit the reception areas of one of our three clinics, where our well trained staff will assist you and inform you of the latest and most effective flea control measures.